Sunday, January 15, 2012

Normal Noble Uncles sing about sex and stuff.

The following reviews are written by a music-obsessed amateur scribe.  If you put any importance or weight into the following opinions you are taking a chance with your music-listening time.  We will not be liable for any injuries or mental anguish caused by the words or word pairings below.  Thank you.  The Fierce Management

1 Beatle - Not worth your time.  Probably not one of the good ones anyways.
2 Beatles - Okay but really it's not what you REALLY want.
3 Beatles - This is good.  This is getting really good.  Can I say really more?
4 Beatles - What everyone wants.  Excellence and craft.
5 Beatles- This is George Martinesque. The shine on the Apple (copywrite, trademarked, do NOT even say the word Apple anymore!)

Run Dan Run "Normal" 2 Beatles.  Okay but not...well great.

This Charleston, SC indie rock band is not bad.  Huge similarities to Nada Surf.  "Normal" finds the band exploring rich textures, typical rock sounds, and somewhat catchy melodies.  "Normal" is just that.  Normal.  Average.  Every day.  Send me an email when this band becomes superhuman.  Highlights: "Finger and Fist" should make a porn compilation soon.  "Lovesick Animal" is okay.

Grand & Noble "Grand &Noble"3.5 Beatles.  Good stuff.  Um yeah.  Good.
My first one word reaction this this record is "Crisp".  That might be more a reaction to the overall sound and production.  Drums are real.  Guitar and piano are loud but not fighting.  Vocals are on top.  This is rock & roll.  "Hellcats" is a nice start to a nice record.  Just about every song has something worth your time.  This might not blow your mind but it might end up in your ears more than you thought it would.  Highlights: "Hellcats", "Cable Goes Dark", and "Paris (and Danielle)".

Uncles "m4w" 4 Beatles.  I will dig in and check this band out some more. compares this band to Grandaddy and Sparklehorse.  That piqued my interest and I will say that this record doesn't disappoint.  It has some sprinkles of country...some dashes of rock & roll...and some nice lyrics (stories, sex, and despair).  This is the kind of band that I would have liked to find by listening to a 4-track demo cassette.  Highlights: "This Old Town" and "Green Apple Skoal".

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